Shelf Stable

Courtesy of IPL Inc.
Courtesy of IPL Inc.

The JSB Group has more than thirty years of experience and expertise with Shelf Stable package design and can provide technical and market support for applications including High Barrier Retort, Aseptic and HPP technology. This support can be in a focused area such as evaluation of a potential new shelf stable package, or in a more general direction such as review of alternate materials and combinations of materials to achieve specific properties.

Examples of Shelf Stable subjects are:

  • Retort High Barrier Packaging Technology
  • HPP Packaging Technology
  • Pasteurization Packaging Technologies
  • Blanching Packaging Technologies
  • Barrier Film Technology
  • Peelable and Non-Peelable Films
  • Engineered Blend Technology
  • Coextrusion Film Design
  • Rigid Tray Selection
  • Sustainability
  • Barrier Packaging Equipment Resource

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