Package Design for Fresh Produce

Chart_services-freshCutPackage Design for the Fresh Produce Food market is one of the most interesting and rapidly evolving types of package technology. This is due to the symbiotic relationship between the  produce and the package, as well as the challenges in meeting the  desired physical,  appearance, economic and sustainable properties. Since produce continues to respire even after packaging, a number of factors need to be evaluated and understood for proper and safe design. Including:

  • Quantified Produce Respiration Rates
  • The Effect That A Modified Atmosphere Will Have On Produce Physiology
  • Polymer Transmission Rates
  • Beta Values For Polymers
  • Physical Properties Of Polymers
  • Physical Properties And Impact Of Ink, Adhesive, And Antifog.

Often the materials that will provide the desired look, feel and style of a package are not the same as those that will safely provide the optimum shelf life for the produce. The JSB Group has more than twenty eight years of experience in package design specifically for the Fresh Produce Industry. By taking into account all of the necessary factors; we at the JSB Group can design the optimum package for your particular produce.

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