Fresh Food

The JSB Group has extensive experience and expertise with Fresh Food and specifically Fresh Produce. This market area has been our special focus for the past twenty-one years. We can provide technical and market support for all Fresh Food opportunities via projects, seminars, or through an ongoing retainer to provide technical support with periodic on-site reviews. This support can be in a focused area such as evaluation of a potential new packaging material, or in a more general direction such as review of alternate materials and combinations of materials to achieve the desired packaging properties.

Examples of Fresh Cut subjects are:

  • Quantify Produce Respiration Rate Analysis
  • Structure Transmission Rate Analysis
  • Sealant Layer Design
  • Stiffness Calculations
  • OTR/COTR  Analysis and Calculation
  • Engineered Blends
  • Package Design
  • Microwave Packaging
  • Sustainable Packaging

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