Frozen Food

frozenFood-smThe JSB Group has more than thirty-five years experience and expertise with frozen food packaging technologies. From design of Metallocene resin sealant layers to re-seal attachment compatible films, the JSB Group provides technical and market support for the frozen food packaging market. This support can be in a focused area such as evaluation of a potential new material, or in a more general direction such as a review of alternate designs for a specific type of frozen food.

Examples of Frozen Food packaging subjects are:

  • Mono Films
  • Coextruded Films
  • TIO2 Content
  • Engineered Sealant layers
  • Ink Systems
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Laminations
  • Low Seal Initiation Films
  • Re-seal Structures
  • Dual ovenable Packages
  • Steam Venting Technology

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