Package Design

The JSB Group has more than thirty-five years experience and technical expertise with the many aspects of Flexible Packaging and Converting Technologies. This enables the JSB Group to provide technical support and leadership on all aspects of packaging design. Support can be in a focused area such as a specific Fresh Food item, or in a more general direction such as a review of alternate packaging approaches.

Expertise in Package Design includes:

  • Fresh Food
  • Frozen Food
  • Shelf-stable Packaging
  • Antimicrobial Technology
  • Pouch Technology
  • Laminations
  • Printing
  • Metallizing
  • Forming Materials
  • Barrier Technology
  • Peelable Structures
  • Re-Seal Structures
  • Microwave Packaging Technology
  • MAP/CAP Structures
  • Engineered Blending Technology
  • Structure Design
  • Sustainability Design

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