article: JSB Group optimizes fresh produce packaging

The highest-quality fresh produce is not worth much if the packaging in which it’s shipped and sold doesn’t preserve that quality. So it makes sense for growers and shippers to ensure their packaging is designed specifically for their products, and JSB Group helps growers fine tune their packaging to get the best out of fresh produce.

“What we offer is a health check for packaging,” said Jeffrey Brandenburg, President of the JSB Group, and founding member of the Global Fresh Technology Group. “Is the packaging ideal for a specific application? If not, what should be done about it? We check the physiology of fresh produce and the optimal atmosphere needed to extend its shelf life.” JSB has expertise with modified atmosphere packaging and the ways that fresh produce interacts with different materials in order to preserve products as long as possible. Their expertise and technology allows them to perform on-site tests of respiration rates of produce, test materials and interpret the information to develop optimal packaging.

“The science behind the design of fresh produce packaging involves the convergence of produce physiology, polymer engineering and converting technology and food safety,” explained Brandenburg. “Modified atmosphere packaging is complicated, as produce in the bag continues to respire, consuming oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide. To design and optimize safe packaging, produce respiration rates must first be quantified.” Brandenburg works with the Holcroft Postharvest Consulting to measure respiration rates and then develops the best packaging for the client’s produce. When kept at proper temperatures and handled in a uniform manner through the cold chain, the packaging is designed to get the product to consumers in its ideal state. But perfecting packaging for clients is just one part of what JSB offers, added Brandenburg.

“Our aim is to be acknowledged as the leading technology resource for the entire flexible packaging, fresh produce and general food packaging sectors,” said Brandenburg. “We do this by providing technical, sales, food safety, marketing, market research, training and management support.”

Brandenburg, has been invited to speak at this year’s Fruit Logistica Future Lab workshop
“Future Lab”, a series of events, will present products, projects and solutions that can enhance the fruit and vegetable industry with innovations in the coming years, or contribute significantly to optimization along the value chain.

Time: Thursday, 5th February 2015, 14h00-14h30.
Place: Future Lab, Hall 21, Stand D-09
Title: Groundbreaking solutions in convenience Packaging

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Publication date: 1/27/2015
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