About the JSB Group

When working with the JSB Group you are tapping into many years of experience in both the technical and business aspects of the Flexible Packaging Industry. Combined with resources provided by our affiliations, colleagues and contacts, we deliver a depth of service that can address all of your produce and food packaging challenges. Our goal is to be the world wide technology resource for the Flexible Packaging Industry.

Information about the JSB Group includes:

  • Mission Statement of the JSB Group
  • Biography: Jeffrey S. Brandenburg; President; The JSB Group
  • Clients: A sampling of the clients of the JSB Group
  • Affiliations: Technical, Business and Trade Organizations
  • Noteworthy¬†Events: ¬†Conferences, Sessions, Training Seminars and Speaking Engagements where we have attended, spoken or facilitated.

Worldwide Technology Resource for the Flexible, Produce, and Food Packaging Industries